Integration Development

Organisations are looking for the best solutions to solve their challenges. Although some organisations prefer a one stop solution, many of them decide to use best of breed solutions to maximise productivity and profit, and to minimise risks and costs. 

Best of breed solutions require seamless integration between multi vendor solutions. Well defined interfaces are the key to success: they provide the foundation for a tight co-operation. Often it is not a matter of a choice: organisations have to cope with an existing IT infrastructure. Software products like SAP are often a company standard. We create multiple interfaces between PPM systems and SAP. Data transfer in both directions are supported. For Planview interfaces normally the data integration tool called Snaplogic is used.

Depending on your existing infrastructure and needs we can build either file based interfaces, middle ware oriented interfaces like TIBCO, create Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services or by using standard application integration and data integration software. 

The interface is defined in a structured requirement process with several workshops that bring together the specialists from our side and also from the client side. At the end we develop the interface on the basis of a signed-off specification document.